Why work with us?

Only 10 percent of relevant and experienced professionals is actively looking for a role at any given moment in time. That means that 90 percent of candidates relevant for a role are not engaged in job searches. The best candidates typically are among them. We are constantly investing time to get to know this vast majority of professionals, by establishing personal meetings, lunches, diners and drinks to really understand their competencies, ambitions, motivations and what they need that turns them into a candidate. We make passive, active!

It is crucial for us to get to know your organization so the opportunities within. To fully understand the DNA of your company as well as the vacancy enables us to make the right match. Therefore we insist to always meet you on site to qualify your business and job(s).

Why choose THSRS to fill your vacancy?

  • Exclusive network : We possess a large and exclusive network of highly qualified Risk, Actuarial, committed to providing the best talent to further your company’s strategy.
  • Consultative and one-to-one approach : Our focus is on nurturing long-term partnerships and therefore our approach is one very much in line with a consultancy, rather than a traditional recruitment company. We are often involved in developing recruitment strategies with our key clients because of our deep understanding of their departments and the candidates in the market. We have up-to-date market maps and a large professional network to source the best candidates.
  • Talent Management : Most organizations are aware that talent management can be a valuable strategy in maximizing business performance and ensuring business continuity – using THSRS can ensure we provide the most appropriate candidates.
  • Throughout understanding : At the beginning of a new assignment a professional THSRS recruitment representative visits the workplace to meet the client in order to gain a complete understanding of the working environment and company culture.
  • Socially Engaged : THSRS is socially aware and have a comprehensive CSR policy, this coupled with our excellent professional service means that we are the recruitment provider of choice for many companies in the financial services industry in The Netherlands