Welcome to THSRS Financial Recruitment

THSRS is a small ‘recruitment store’,  a human sized executive search & selection consultancy based in Amsterdam.
We strongly believe in genuine partnerships and we use our network to guide and direct you throughout your professional search. We recruit for Risk, Actuarial and Treasury positions and we are continuously building our network within the industry

THSRS offers a seamless service for the banking, insurance and financial services industry, with a focus on getting the best relationship and the right results.
We like giving the personal touch; we work outside of business hours to preserve confidentiality; we conduct meetings to ensure culture fits; we remain flexible.
Because we are so focused on a niche demand, we understand the industry and have build the exclusive network that is relevant to you. Our mission is to be the business partner of choice for both candidates & clients, facilitating both personal and business goals by acting in a genuine and socially engaged manner.

THSRS’ origin

THSRS is all about relationship, understanding, searching and finding.
The term thesaurus, deviated from “treasure store”, also design assisting in choosing exactly the right fit.